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In this post we give you an insight into how management accounts can make your business even more successful. Many small businesses rely on end of year accounts to review financial information; this can lead to bad financial decisions and missed opportunities. Having on-time access to relevant and statistical financial details, you can make good decisions to maximise profit, drive performance, address any issues that come to path.
What you will find in this post

The Management Accounts are reports that provide you with a well-versed view of your finances, enables you to make up to date and effective business decisions based on performance.

Many small businesses rely on end of year accounts to review financial information; this can lead to bad financial decisions and missed opportunities. Having on-time access to relevant and statistical financial details, you can make good decisions to maximise profit, drive performance, address any issues that come to path.

We can handle management accounts as frequently as you need but typically on a monthly or quarterly basis. At Evotax our team create a bespoke layout that will provide you with the information in a format that you can easily understand. We will consider your business metrics and your organisation’s goals to ensure we know your key performance indicators (KPI’s). Management accounts services offered by Evotax, we can display results in charts and graphs to give you a visual picture of your business results.


What are management accounts?

Management account is a summary of accounting data containing the financial information business owners need to make informed decisions about an organisation. Typically they will have specific financial information that compared to:

  • 1. Historical trading
  • 2. Forecasts
  • 3. Key performance indicators

They can produce management accounts, commonly every month or quarterly basis, and their purpose is to analyse how well your business is doing. Management accounts information is vital to you as a business owner or member of senior management, allowing you to understand performance. You can then decide where you’re at and what still needs to be done to achieve your goals.

No legal requirement needed to produce management accounts, but it will give you more business insight. We at Evotax always advise that management accounts can be tailored to your individual needs.

If your business comprises multiple sites or departments, your management accounts can be broken down on a site by site or departmental basis. It is particularly useful for determining if a particular aspect needs extra attention or understanding the most profitable areas in the business are.


Role of your accountant in this process

Note that the information that is provided to you by your accountant is confidential and for internal use only. There is no need for the management accounts to be published, and they do not require to be filed with Companies House.

With our management accounts services, you will receive support in making business decisions by receiving advice based on actual evidence. It will then help you with innovation planning, while your advisor should also inform you about potential areas of risk in your finances.

Why management accounting is vital to the success

By receiving a well-constructed management accounting service, it helps you to make effective business decisions. While making an important decision, such as where to focus your budget, your accountant will be able to perform a cost analysis to demonstrate the comparative benefits of each option.


Benefits of using graphs and charts in your management accounting include:

  • You can spot trends
  • They reduce your need to understand accounting
  • Customised to your business
  • Can easily integrate non-financial information
  • Show business performance on one page

How can management accounting help to improve your business?

  • Businesses with commercial loans; our management accounts service means you meet your contractual obligations of providing management accounts as required.
  • It helps regular reports to allow you to examine your cash flow, observe trends and seek additional capital injection based on accurate forecasts.
  • It helps to look at a profit and loss statement; you can very quickly see where your business stands in terms of profitability regularly, giving you the right information to make changes, if necessary.
  • It allows you to predict future events based on historical trend information, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Your management accounts services can include:

  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Balance Sheets
  • Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Debtor Listings
  • Creditor Listings
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Profit Margin Analysis

Upon agreement, we will consult with you about what management information would add value to your business and allow you to make the right business decisions.



We can produce easy to read accountancy reports to enable you to see an up-to-date view of your business finances all on one page.


Business improvement

Having an experienced accountant will help to manage your reports and your business accounts.

In addition to year-end accounts, your business might also benefit from management accounts throughout the year.


The benefits of selecting Evotax as your management accountant:

  • Allows you to look at your business more proactively.
  • Help support grants, funding and securities.
  • Identify opportunities for internal savings.
  • It will enable you to monitor your business through a large period of growth.
  •  Develops stronger valuation for exit strategies.
  • It can help show full transparency to potential investors or buyers.
  • The advantage of Management Accountancy

Many businesses may only have contact with their accountants with regards to filing and creating their annual accounts. This type of financial accounting is all well and good for working out your tax bill and comparing this year’s figures with last. Therefore, having regular access to on-time financial information and the impact on deciding throughout the year.

Evotax can be with you every step of the way, providing more up-to-date and accurate information and advice that could help you and your decision.

Management accounts for a small business package tailored to you, including bookkeeping, payroll and year-end accounts.

The management accounts service is tailored to your specific requirements and can include face-to-face reviews that allow you to make timely decisions regarding your business.

The businesses seeking regular and more current information but not requiring such significant detail can also offer monthly or quarterly figures based on your computerised record keeping. Management accounts service is a more cost-effective option suiting small businesses that perhaps only require information on their tax obligations is to ensure that they are not taking too much out of business.

What is management accounting? Why you need professional advice

Usually, it’s not wise to run your business purely on the financial statements in your annual accounts. It tends to show you what the performance of the business looks like from a historical, set timeframe. Therefore, you’d end up making investment and strategic decisions based on out of date data.

Severe decline or fast growth can be difficult to see just from a set of annual accounts. It is where management accounts come in for you as the owner-manager. They help drive your investment strategies and help you in identifying when you’ll need funding.

Why choose us?

We at Evotax have a dedicated accountancy team who have years of experience in providing accountancy services in the UK. Our team can help you to manage your business account more effectively and efficiently with minimizing time and cost. Contact us today and get more information about our management accounts services.

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Bilal Khalid EvoTax accountant

Successfully running my own small business for years has taught me a great deal about the complexities of taxation and I understand all the pain points that every entrepreneur has to go through. I often found myself paralysed with fear of making a mistake and getting fined and eventually decided to take up accounting and finances myself. Today, I help other small businesses suffering through similar mistakes and I am happy to share my knowledge, jargon free!

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