6 best businesses to start post lockdown!

business ideas post covid

More people are setting out on a journey to being their own bosses after the COVID-19 lockdown. Are you one of those people who have been dreaming of starting a business but don’t know what would make you the most money? Here are our 6 best ideas for your next business adventure!

How to claim £7,500 in SEISS grant money?

seiss 5th grant

HMRC aims to support self-employed individuals, including business partnerships, whose income has been dwindling due to Covid-19 through the Self-employment Income Support Scheme. The current, fifth and last SEISS grant is worth up to £7,500.

Working from home? You may be eligible for tax relief!

work from home

Many of us have been confined to our homes since the start of the pandemic. For most office jobs, this has become a new norm. With the advancement of technology, home working most likely will carry on for years to come.