Is financial performance enough to know if your business is doing well?

financial performance equals business success

It is common knowledge that if you want to understand how a business is doing, you need to look at its financial statements. This is the go-to place for any investor or stakeholder interested in finding out how the business is performing. But does it tell the full picture? Are financial metrics enough, or do we need something more?

Business planning: How to fund a startup

business funding planning

You can not start and run a business without funding. It is advisable to start planning business funding at the very beginning to avoid uncomfortable surprises. In most cases, you will be injecting money into the business for a few months without seeing any revenue.

In this article, we are going to explore different avenues to get you started, to help you create an action plan for your business.

Profit. A dirty word? – The difference between profit vs cash


Most businesses start with one thing in mind. ‘How much profit will it make?’ OR ‘How much money will ‘I’ as a business owner will make?’ Although there is nothing wrong with having a set target and having profit as the main driver for making decisions. Profit can often be manipulated, and therefore what a business started out to achieve can somewhat become vague.