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EvoTax services for sole traders

EvoTax helps sole traders navigate the ever-changing taxing environment with customizable accounting services, tax and business advice. Let us help you stay organized with your receipts, so that tax filing at the end of the year be a breeze!

A sole trader is a self-employed individual who owns and runs their own business and their business isn’t a separate legal entity to its owner. Although setting up as sole trader is the easiest business to set up, there are several challenges sole traders face.

Bookkeeping and tax returns can be a nightmare. It is tragic if you do not take control of your situation and let the nightmare take the best of you. For us, it is a regular occurrence, unfortunately. We see self-employed people contact us year after year, a few days before their tax returns and demand lower taxes and efficient services.

Unfortunately, things aren’t as easy as they seem. If you have not been on top of your bookkeeping and left everything for the last minute, you’re in for a roller coaster of a ride.

It doesn’t have to be this way, however. Gone are the days when you were taking care of receipts in a shoebox. Today with efficient softwares, you can literally take a snapshot of your receipts and invoices and let us deal with the rest.

We will ensure all your bookkeeping is up to date throughout the year, and come year-end, your tax returns will be a breeze.

As we will have accurate records of your bookkeeping, this will also help in reducing your tax as much as possible.

Setting up

Sole traders must register with HMRC, may wish to register their business names. EvoTax assists you with all your administrative requirements.

Tax Filing

HMRC requires sole traders to file taxes based on self-assessment system. EvoTax helps you navigate income tax and National Insurance contributions (NICs).


XERO bookkeeping software makes it easy to log invoices, receipts and expenses.

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